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CR&M Compensation Consultants: a tailored team at your service.
The objective of our consultants at CR&M Conseil en compensation is to build a real competitive advantage for our clients. Our customised solutions are secure and quickly accessible thanks to the skills of our team and those of our partners at the service of your projects.

Since 2001, the consultants of the CR&M compensation Consulting Group have been advising SMEs and large companies based in France, Morocco, Switzerland, Poland, Germany and China on how to design sustainable, more motivating and less costly remuneration solutions in complete security. The quality of our services is based on the skills, experience and complementarity of our consultants:


Phillipe Wallerick
Philippe Wallerich

Senior Consultants

CR&M Partners

Philippe Wallerich has 15 years of experience in compensation consulting for French and international companies: audit, diagnosis, benchmarking, variable compensation,
shareholding, employee savings, performance-related incentives, employee communication
communication, …
He leads numerous training sessions and conferences in the field of performance-related pay, incentive schemes, performance management, total compensation and social audit. He also has 14 years of experience in managing functional and operational teams in the banking sector and, internationally, in project engineering.


Christian Tinel
Christian Tinel

Senior Consultant


He has held operational and Human Resources management positions in various sectors (industry, services) and a position as Regional Director in a compensation consultancy firm. Since 1998, he has assisted more than 200 large SME-SMI companies in their reflections on compensation management and the deployment of profit-sharing and employee savings agreements.


Sylvain Philippon
Sylvain Philippon

Head of the company

CR&M Audit

I have been specialising in finding savings in social security contributions since 2005. My work consists in first detecting if contributions have been wrongly paid to the administration. This phase is completely free and quick, based on the salary slips. If I find potential savings and if the company director agrees, I take care of recovering the undue amounts from the past and reducing the contributions for the future. If, and only if, the company makes money thanks to my intervention, then I pay myself 35% of the result exclusively. The savings leads are strictly technical and legal (faulty computer settings, legislative application errors, etc.). My outstanding references: Conforama, Botanic, Alinéa, Intermarché, ADMR, Proxiserve, Desautel… I recover about 3,000,000 euros on behalf of about fifty companies each year.

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