Legal incentive differentiated by team

An ideal incentive solution to motivate employees

Recognised since 2004 for its effectiveness, our profit-sharing solution is ideal for motivating all company employees to improve performance, for example through criteria close to the different professions that make up the company.

You too can benefit from the advantages of our support:

  • Methodology for designing collective variable pay in good synergy CFO – HRD
  • Prioritisation of compensation objectives (social, economic, financial) for your new profit-sharing scheme
  • Respect for the principles that guarantee the effectiveness and simplicity of your profit-sharing solution
  • Drafting of a calculation formula readable by all employees
  • Choice of the most motivating calculation criteria and associated objectives …

As specialists in the engineering of incentive schemes, our mastery of all the stages of your project guarantees that you will obtain a result that meets your requirements.