Audit and diagnosis

Diagnosis of the compensatio policy

Personnel costs are your company’s biggest expense: to be competitive, you must first control this key factor.

Prior to any change in compensation policy, an external assessment will enlighten you on the best ways to achieve the desired situation.

Designed by our team of experts, anaremTM is an innovative analysis and diagnostic product that allows you to better evaluate the effectiveness of your compensation policy, thus facilitating your decisions to change.

The anaremTM diagnosis has two phases:

Analysis of your situation to :

Compile the company’s social and economic data

Measure the effectiveness of your compensation budgets and practices from different angles

Identify the priority expectations of your employees

Summary and recommendations:

Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your system

Classification of risk situations, compensation issues

Possible scenarios for change

Orientation of the recommended solution

Schedule of improvement actions in line with your objectives

Salary benchmark

When external pay equity is an important issue in compensation policy, our salary benchmark studies help our clients to position salaries and compensation components at the desired level in relation to the market.

Our on-demand sectoral studies and surveys (Hospitality, Sports, Pharmaceutical, Air Transport…) allow you to be better informed on the strategy and efficiency of your competitors’ practices: compensation costs, human resources productivity or investments in human capital.

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