Variable compensation for sales staff

The compensation system for salespeople can help you achieve your sales and results objectives or, on the contrary, work against your strategy.

Any sales compensation plan has a limited lifespan: what are the signals that it is time to change your system?

  • Changes in the offer, strategy, sales team or economic situation
  • Sellers cut their efforts once the target has been reached
  • The highest paid salespeople do not contribute to creating the most margin
  • A majority of salespeople largely miss or easily pass their targets
  • Some of your salespeople benefit from a status pension
  • You have too much turnover in the sales team
  • Your growth target (units, prices) no longer holds
  • Vendors complain (complexity, difficulty, speed…)

Our consultants accompany the change in your sales force’s pay plan (fixed salary, commissions, variable bonus):

  • Analysis of the existing situation
  • Identification of the compensation objectives of both parties
  • Adjustment of the salary mix, fixed – variable part according to the periodicity, the role of the sales person and the culture of the company
  • Definition of the target compensation level, objectives and calculation criteria
  • Trigger, leverage and cap settings
  • Individual and group simulations
  • Presentation materials

Our consultants

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