Phantom actions

Freely associate one or more beneficiaries

In a limited liability company or when opening up the capital is not an option, the use of “phantom shares” makes it possible to freely associate one or more beneficiaries with the growth of the company’s value.

This is a variable bonus scheme based on fictitious shares, which is socially and fiscally equivalent to a salary, and which does not involve any investment effort on the part of the employee, nor any dilution of the capital.

In a classic engineering approach for this type of scheme, the delivery of phantom shares does not lead to any payment to the beneficiary: the latter will only benefit from the increase in value of the shares allocated after a period to be defined and possibly from a sum equivalent to the dividends he would have received as a real shareholder. But other engineering choices are possible, as in the example opposite.

We build your bonus system, annual or multiannual, indexed to the value of your company’s share (or social share) to support your motivation and loyalty objectives.

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