BSPCE (Warrants for the subscription of company creator’s shares)

The BSPCE plan, a suitable tool

Reserved for start-ups and joint-stock companies less than 15 years old that meet the granting criteria, the BSPCE plan is a suitable tool for attracting and retaining a limited number of employees at a lower cost.

A BSPCE project involves you in the long term and therefore requires a strategic reflection materialized by your business plan and the valuation of your shares.

Our advice will guide you in particular on all the design choices to be made:

  • Articulation of the BSPCE plan with other compensation schemes
  • Definition of the scope of beneficiaries
  • Validation of the performance criteria to be met for the allocation or exercise of the BSPCE
  • Choice of the assumptions for the evolution of the share value
  • Choice of the number of warrants to be granted with or without a vesting mechanism (financial and tax simulations)
  • Definition of the exercise and allocation periods, vesting clause, acceleration clause, etc.
  • Preparation of internal communication materials