Wage communication

Strengthen employee commitment

To increase employee engagement, communication about your compensation policy is essential: 75% of HR managers and 60% of executives feel that communication on the subject is insufficient in their company.

Successful communication increases employees’ knowledge of compensation and better knowledge leads to more satisfaction.

Three targets for pay communication should be considered:

  • Staff representative bodies (CSE, trade unions)
  • Managers
  • Employees and employee shareholders

We advise you and prepare your communication materials before the annual negotiations, during the deployment of a new system or before the annual interviews:

  • Review of salary development and overall compensation over 3 to 5 years
  • Management Book of compensation and interview scripts
  • Presentation of the new system

Communicating also means listening to employees: our diagnostic solution can include interviewing a contrasting sample of employees to better understand their compensation needs.

The HR function needs suitable tools to communicate with managers on a daily basis on the various elements of compensation and to better promote them through them.

We design your compensation Management Book in the form of a summary document containing the essential information on your remuneration policy and practices:

  • Principles or foundations of your compensation policy
  • Presentation of the global approach to compensation with the global
  • Compensation pyramid detailing the 4 main components and the mechanisms used within each component
  • Average and median base salaries for each category, minimum salaries or starting salaries
  • Reminder of the main rules for calculating compensation components with changes in figures over 3 years : individual and collective increases compared to inflation, other fixed elements, individual variable elements, salary savings and social benefits, etc.
  • HR compensation tools (benchmark, scatterplots, interview scripts, etc.)
    Calendar of the compensation cycle within the company
  • Role of HR and Managers throughout the compensation process

It takes the form of a 10 to 20 page booklet given to managers as an HR compensation communication tool and can also be the subject of a training session

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