Consulting offer

A complete consulting offer.

The consultancy offer is designed to meet your main support needs. Tell us what your needs are: changing your compensation strategy, improving your salary policy or changing your performance-based reward and motivation system?

We recommend that you start your project with our best diagnostic mission: ANAREM

Based on our social, economic and financial efficiency measurements, we will present you with :

  • The possibilities to better align the compensation strategy with your strategic business objectives
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the components of your compensation policy
  • Analysis of the motivational effect of your pay practices, decision on salary measures, incentives, communication and managerial involvement.
  • The different changes we recommend in your approach to pay, reward and motivation.
    Our ideas for designing new pay plans and deploying them successfully

Our various consulting services: design, deployment and monitoring

Diagnosis and survey

  • Strategic diagnosis of the compensation policy
  • Salary and performance survey
  • Benchmark
  • Audit of social charges


  • Design of incentive plans for sales staff: bonuses or commissions
  • Variable for employees and managers
  • Annual or multi-annual bonus plan for executives

Team variable

  • Short-term collective performance bonus
  • Legal team performance incentive
  • Legal profit-sharing scheme

Fixed salary

  • Redesign of the salary policy structure
  • Salary decision tools
  • Internal survey: is the compensation fair, competitive, motivating and easy to understand?
  • Salary negotiation


  • Design of communication documents for the new compensation plans
  • Management book of remuneration
  • Salary and compensation negotiation documents

French Share Ownership Plan

  • Allocation of free shares
  • Stock option plan
  • Company savings plans
  • Multi-year bonus plan based on share value

Our consultants

  • Contact Marseille - Lyon - Paris
  • Philippe WALLERICH
  • Tél. : 06 83 88 63 03
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  • Contact Aix-en-Provence
  • Patrick DESPIERRES
  • Tél. : 07 82 13 36 50
  • Mail :
  • Contact Nancy
  • Sylvain PHILIPPON
  • Tél. : 06 61 54 88 10
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